Look Like a Travel Pro

I was looking at some travel websites and found this jacket.  All I can say is Whoa!  Luggage space is prime real estate when you are traveling and this jacket provides many of the items that you need, without packing it.  It’s super cute!  Psss, it’s on sale.  xoxo


Eye Mask
Built-in Inflatable Neck Pillow; 2 Second Inflation, One-Press Deflation
Microfiber Cloth
Sunglass pocket
Pen and stylus
iPad pocket
Earphone Holders
Water-Resistant Phone Pocket
Double Lined Hand Warming Pockets
Zipper with Pen + Stylus
Blanket Pocket
Built-in Partial Gloves in Cuff
Portable Charger Pocket
Detachable Hood.
Machine Wash

red coat



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