Pimento Cheese Please!

I love pimento cheese.  When I was in Charleston this summer they eat pimento cheese on everything!  Filet with pimento cheese, pimento cheese fritters, pimento cheese biscuits, you name it.  You can buy pimento cheese at the grocery, but you know it’s not very good.  And you know it’s not good for you just by […]

Spas are Us!

Travel, travel, travel is what I just love to do, read about and discuss.   Recently T + L wrote an article that ranked the best spas in the country.  You should definitely read the article.  These are actual ranks from visitors. I’m very excited, the top spa is only 5 hours from Lexington!  Let’s […]

Simple Yummy Spaghetti

Nothing is better than a lovely plate of yummy pasta on a super cold day.  This is such a simple, elegant recipe to wow everybody you know.  Even though Mario Batali isn’t on The Chew anymore, his recipe lives on. Grab your red hot chili flakes and let’s get cooking! xoxox | Servings: 6 | […]

Elf Shoes for You?

Recently I was reading Vogue magazine and they were reviewing trends that they saw on recent fashion runways.  These Moroccan pointy-toe shoes were seen in both men’s and women’s styles at the recent 2018 Lowe Fashion Show.  I can’t wait to see these walking down Main Street USA this year!  xoxo

Dream Job with Royals

Can you imagine a career that you get to escort the young royals at their events?  Glamourous and fun events following around the most exciting couples on the planet? Can you write press releases and formulate media events? Do you have social media expertise? The Royal Family recently posted a job on Linked In with […]


These are the cutest little things to keep in your fridge.  Clinton Kelly made these the other day on The Chew. Make a batch on Sunday and then keep them in the fridge for breakfast on the go, lunch or even a snack.  Add spinach and make them a little healthier. xoxo   Ingredients Egg […]

Baby Feet

Winter time brings all sorts of skin issues.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  However, sometimes your feet get all crackly and rough and it’s really hard to get rid of, not to mention it looks awful.  I’ve been using this foot peel for several years and it’s really good! You can find Baby Feet at many spas […]