A Hundred Million Butterflies

Yes, you read it correctly.  Did you know that the Monarch Butterfly migrates each year from Canada to Mexico?  That’s a lot of flying for a little butterfly, not to mention how in the world they have directions to Mexico!  Some experts estimate the butterflies travel over 3,000 miles away each year.  Unfortunately, most butterflies do not return to their original home.



The reason that they migrate is two fold.  The first reason is that the monarchs cannot survive in the freezing temperatures in the northern and central climates. The second reason is that the larval food plants do not grow in the winter in the north.

I’m sure you know that butterflies are very important to our ecosystems.  They transfer pollen from one plant to another and assist in plant reproduction.  They not only make our world better but they are also beautiful, delicate creatures.

T & L recently wrote an article on the butterfly migration.  It’s a big tourist draw to Mexico to witness over 100 million Monarch Butterflies in their winter home.  I’ve had several friends that have gone and have said it was a beautiful sight.

I hope you will enjoy the attached article.  This is definitely on my list of things to do, maybe it will be on yours too! xoxo



Photo credit from National Geographic and http://www.learnaboutnature.com



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