Ready, Set, Travel!

Guanaco in Chilean Patagonia

Recently I was reading an article from T & L that discussed the best places to travel this summer with the most favorable exchange rates.  Let’s face it, it’s really expensive to travel and the more ways that you can plan in advance, the more you will save.  And you know what that means, more money to shop and eat!

You may know that I went to South Africa last summer.  It was expensive to get there, but the exchange rate from the Rand to the US dollar was awesome!  Overall the trip was very reasonable for food and services.  The article lists South Africa as the #1 adventure for the best favorable exchange rate.

I’m planning a trip to Chile and Buenos Aires this fall.  Both countries are on the list. Yay!

Traveling can open your mind to different cultures and new experiences.  Grab your passport and let’s go! xoxo

Photos by Getty Images

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