Daily Scoop

Daily Scoop

Summertime is a great time to break out that ice cream maker that you have.  You know the one that is sitting in your garage that you never use?!

Maybe you don’t use it because you don’t really know how or that you think it’s going to be difficult.  I think the hardest thing about the electric ice cream maker that I have is that I have to find room in the freezer to freeze the cannister!

On several occasions I have made champagne sorbet and it’s really easy and so fancy.  It’s so good, and you know exactly what the ingredients are in the sorbet.  I found this recipe in Food and Wine that you might want to try.  It only has two ingredients!  A perfect treat for summer!

4 pounds fresh strawberries (about 16 cups), hulled and quartered 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar

How to Make It

Step 1
Using a potato masher, mash strawberries in a large bowl until mostly pureed (there will still be small chunks of pulverized berries) to yield about 6 cups strawberry puree. Stir sugar into berry puree. Cover and refrigerate until well chilled, at least 1 hour.

Step 2
Pour half of the chilled strawberry mixture into the freezer bowl of a 1 1/2-quart electric ice cream maker, and proceed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3
Transfer sorbet to a freezer-safe container; press a sheet of parchment paper directly on surface, and seal with an airtight lid. Place in freezer. Repeat procedure with remaining chilled strawberry mixture. Freeze sorbet at least 8 hours or overnight.

Photo and recipe from Food and Wine

Bubbly Days

Bubbly Days

Memorial Day is a holiday to reflect upon what sacrifices people have made in order for us to live in this wonderful place called America.  It’s also a great time to reconnect with friends and family.

Over the weekend I’ve been able to spend time with some of my oldest and dearest friends that I don’t get to see very often.  I’ve also spent time with some of my close friends cooking out, sitting by the pool and just spending time catching up.

Today I went over to my friend Maggie’s house to sit by the pool.  Her dog, Jack Woods, is sort of a doggie celebrity.  He’s very rare and has a bloodline that traces to a Westminster Dog Show winner.  Jack loves the pool, especially floating.  Check out these super cute floats that I found at Walmart.com.  Remember the other day when we discussed TopCashBack.com?  Well guess what?  I used the site and got 10% cash back for these super cute floats.  I just ordered them thru the TopCashBack.com site and then picked them up.  No shipping costs and they were ready to be picked up within an hour!  Look how cute they are!  Who doesn’t love a lollipops and cupcakes?!


When we got ready to use them it was pretty much a comedy show blowing them up.  I thought I might pass out before they were ready to use.  After the adventure of blowing up the floats, it was time for a cocktail.   I found a great combination that I think you will like.  It’s a Strawberry, Thyme and Prosecco cocktail.   Here’s the ingredients:

Strawberry thyme prosecco cocktail

2 cups strawberries (chopped)
1 cup liqueur (limoncello)
2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves
750 milliliters white wine (sparkling)

Mix this up and you have a perfect outdoor party!  I hope your weekend was as nice as mine.  xoxoxo



Memorial Day weekend means the beginning of the summer is here.  After the winter that we had, I’m ready!  But the beginning of summer also means that vacation travel is here.  I have a few ideas that will help you save big $$ when you are planning your trip.

Whether you are staying close or traveling far I have a site that can save you money on your trip.  I have been using TopCashBack.com for a while.  When I checked my balance the other day, I have $60 just waiting to be transferred to my Paypal account.  I bought a dress for Derby from Neiman Marcus and got 12% back, I bought my mother a gift from Saks and got 10% back and I frequently purchase items from Ebay and got money back.  I even bought Alexa and got money back.  She’s pretty handy.

So when I was looking at the site I noticed quite a few hotels offer cash back.  It’s really simple, just go thru the site and book your hotel as normal.  Some of the offers I saw included Marriott 7% back, Hilton 10% back, IGH 8% back and Expedia is 12% back.  If you are going to spend $1000 (or probably more for a week) you would be crazy not to get money back!   Especially from doing what you normally do anyway.


So let me know what you think!  With all the money you’ll save you can shop more!  xoxo

Photo by flicker.com

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

It was a rainy day so my friend Maggie and I decided to go to a movie.  Being retired and doing consulting,  my schedule is flexible.  Why not!  It sounded super fun!

We met and bought our tickets for Book Club.  I read the trilogy of Fifty Shades, so I was familiar with the subject.  The cast is so impressive.  Jane Fonda, Candice Bergan, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen all star in the film about a monthly book club that has met for 40 years for wine, fellowship and book reviews.


The weather forecast for the long weekend is rain.  If you have time you should definitely go see this movie.  Book Club is like a Senior Sex in the City for 2018.  It’s absolutely hilarious and will make you laugh out loud!  Xoxoxo


Giddy Up


With all the talk and excitement about the royal wedding on Saturday, don’t forget about the Preakness!  It’s going to be a rematch between several of the horses that ran in the Derby, including the winner Justify.

Remember the Preakness is a much shorter race.  Will the horses be tired from past performance?  Will the weather be rainy and yucky?  It will definitely be a sloppy track from the east coast weather this week.

It’s going to be a hard race to handicap. Justify is a great horse and didn’t have any trouble winning on the first Saturday in May.  The morning line on Justify is 1-3.  When I make a bet I would like to get some money back!  That means if you be $2.00 to win you would only get back .66.  That’s a tough one.

Good Magic who placed in the Derby is also running.  He ran a great race, but who knows if the short course will give him enough time to win.  You know that I picked this horse to place in the Derby.  His mom is Glinda the Good and his dad is Curlin.  Wow!  He has a terrific bloodline and his trainer Chad Brown is the icing on the cake!  The morning line on Good Magic was 3-1.  Better, but not great!

As I was looking at the other horses in the mix the horse Diamond King jumped out at me.  Maybe it was the name.  Just kidding.  Quality Road and Akron Moon, by Malibu Moon are his parents.  But the best thing about him is his trainer, John Servis.  You may remember his last horse in the Preakness, Smarty Jones.  That was my all time favorite horse.  His jockey is Javier Castellano and his record is 4-0-1.  Not bad.  His morning line was 25-1.

diamond king horse

Quip may also be one to watch.  His sire is Distorted Humor and he’s owned by WinStar Farm.  He ran second in the Arkansas Derby.  The quote I saw in the Courier-Journal was from the trainer, Rodolphe Brisset that said, ” you still have to be a little careful when he’s around too many horses.  He’s still studdish.  You have to be a little careful, but he’s way more professional.”  Now, I’m not at all certain what that means, sounds like he’s a little frisky.  But at his morning line of 12-1,  I would check him out!

Break out the black-eyed Susan’s and giddy up!  Good luck xoxo.

Photos by Zimbio.com and Maryland Jockey Club


Royal “Tea”


Besides Champagne what should you serve at the royal wedding party? Even though it’s going to be 8am EST (the fun stuff starts a lot earlier) you still want to be creative and fancy.  There’s always a Mimosa as an option but I thought you might want to try something different.

I found this traditional English recipe and made a few changes to tie Kentucky and London together.  This sounds delicious! xoxo

Royal Balmoral Punch
3 cups Kentucky Bourbon (Makers Mark would be nice)
1 cup tea syrup (to make, combine 1 cup English breakfast tea, brewed strong, then mix while hot with 1 cup sugar until it becomes a syrup)
2 cups fresh apple juice
Top with 2 cups lemonade

Combine ingredients in a punch bowl with ice.
Serve in glass tea cups or champagne flutes

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Hi! I’m back.  After a crazy month of selling hats and horse racing I’m back to blogging!  It’s great to be back with you.

What are you doing this weekend for the big wedding?  I’m going to a party that begins at 6:30am.  Doesn’t that sound like fun? One of my friends is hosting the party and I believe there’s going to be around 10 of us attending.  Party directions are that I wear my pajamas and a fascinator/crown/hat.  We’ll be drinking champagne and eating fancy little cakes while the royal nuptials are taking place.  The wedding begins at 8am EST (that’s 12noon in London).

So, I’ve been planning my outfit.  It’s got to be super cute!   I’ll do a blog post about the fete next Monday and give you all the details.  Stay tuned!  In order to get your outfit thoughts together I’ve collected a few photos of Prince William and Katherine’s wedding guests.  Cheers to an American Princess! xoxo

photo by Weddingseve.com


Make Your Bets

Make Your Bets

untitled Photo by Vanity Fair

Post positions are in!  I’ve been looking at the horses and have a couple of thoughts for betting on Saturday.

Every year since I can remember Dan Liebman, a family friend and also the former editor of the Bloodhorse, would write an article for the local paper.  The article was called “The Mythical $100 Derby Bet”.  He would write about a combination of bets that would equal $100.  It became a great family tradition that my uncle and I enjoy handicapping the Derby and each making the $100 bet.  Over the years we have brought others into the Derby bet fold.  We’ve had a great time with it!

The bet had a daily double Oaks/Derby bet, exacta bets, trifecta bets, across the board bets and then a win bet.  Dan would pick his favorite horse (usually one that has higher odds) and then structure the bets around the horse.  More often than not he would choose the winner.  And when he did the winnings were big!

I’m afraid this year will be the first year that we will be on our own picking the Derby winner.  Dan has since left the newspaper and has a very busy catering life with his barbeque restaurant Staxx.  It’s really good barbeque in Frankfort and you should check it out!

I’ve been paying attention to the Derby prep races this year and I have a few thoughts on some horses.  I’m not a big exotic better, but I see an exacta in our future this year.  If I were you I would check out Mendelssohn, Justify, Good Magic and Bolt d’Oro.  Mendelssohn won the World Cup in Dubai and according to several horsey people I know has the greatest trainer in the world.  Mendelssohn is going to be our pick for Derby winner.  Even though he just arrived from Ireland this week experts say that jet lag isn’t an issue for this horse.

Check out the post positions and make your bet!! Happy Derby xoxo

1. Firenze Fire, Jason Servis, Paco Lopez, 50-1
2. Free Drop Billy, Dale Romans, Robby Albarado, 30-1
3. Promises Fulfilled, Dale Romans, Corey Lanerie, 30-1
4. Flameaway, Mark Casse, Jose Lezcano, 30-1
5. Audible, Todd Pletcher, Javier Castellano, 8-1
6. Good Magic, Chad Brown, Jose Ortiz, 12-1
7. Justify, Bob Baffert, Mike Smith, 3-1
8. Lone Sailor, Tom Amoss, James Graham, 50-1
9. Hofburg, Bill Mott, Irad Ortiz Jr., 20-1
10. My Boy Jack, Keith Desormeaux, Kent Desormeaux, 30-1
11. Bolt d’Oro, Mick Ruis, Victor Espinoza, 8-1
12. Enticed, Kiaran McLaughlin, Junior Alvarado, 30-1
13. Bravazo, D. Wayne Lukas, Luis Contreras, 50-1
14. Mendelssohn, Aidan O’Brien, Ryan Moore, 5-1
15. Instilled Regard, Jerry Hollendorfer, Drayden Van Dyke, 50-1
16. Magnum Moon, Todd Pletcher, Luis Saez, 6-1
17. Solomini, Bob Baffert, Flavien Prat, 30-1
18. Vino Rosso, Todd Pletcher, John Velazquez, 12-1
19. Noble Indy, Todd Pletcher, Florent Geroux, 30-1
20. Combatant, Steve Asmussen, Ricardo Santana Jr., 50-1




It’s All About the Hat

It’s All About the Hat

How can you discuss Derby without talking about the hats?  You all may know that I also have a hat company, Fancy Derby Hats.  Over the years I have seen a lot of hats, including, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Many people start with the dress and then start looking for the hat.  I think this is the wrong approach.  Sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect hat, there’s certainly a bigger selection of dresses to choose from.  And who doesn’t have a little black dress in their closet?  It’s the perfect palate and most any color hat will work.   Sometimes you want the hat to do the talking.

It’s also important for your hat to be able to be fun but also functional.  There’s a lot of beautiful hats out there.  Some hats you see are very, very big.  It’s so hard to navigate around the crowd, talk to people and just have a fun day when you have a super large hat.  I recommend that your hat doesn’t extend more than the frame of your body.  Trust me, you will be more comfortable and still look great!

And the best tip of the day is always tuck a garbage bag into your purse.  It doesn’t take up much room.  I can’t tell you how many times that I was leaving the track and a huge rain storm started right after the big race.  Garbage bags come in handy to save your hat when that happens!

Here’s my favorite Derby hats that I’ve worn over the years.  Have a great Derby! xoxo