Iguazu Falls

When you travel to South America it’s a definite must that you visit Iguazu Falls.  It’s definitely a bucket list trip.  I’ve seen small waterfalls at Laurel Lake and Lake Cumberland, but that didn’t prepare me for what I saw in Iguazu.  Iguazu Falls is a spectacular display of Mother Nature covering three countries!

Iguazu Falls Brazil
Stunning views of waterfalls!

According to Wikipedia, “Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed, “Poor Niagara!”  Iguazu Falls is much larger and has higher waterfalls than Niagara Falls.  The views are breathtaking.

Iguazu Falls waterfalls

Iguazu Falls is the largest waterfall in the world.  The Iguazu River in located in  Argentina, Brazil and in Paraguay, even though the majority of the water is located in Argentina.  According to our guide there are over 275 waterfalls (mostly in Argentina) located in the area and the water runs a little over a mile and a half across the border between Argentina and Brazil.  That’s a lot of water!

You might have seen the falls featured in several blockbuster films.  The wildly popular Black Panther was filmed last year as well as Captain America: Civil War.  There’s nothing better than a fight scene with the risk of falling off of a waterfall cliff!  And who could forget Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  The crystal skull was located directly into the falls.  That was a tough one to find, but Harrison Ford did it!

Upon arriving at the Iguazu Falls airport the bus took us directly to the park.  It didn’t take long to notice that when I got off the bus it was really hot and sticky, as it was considered late spring!  Much different from the weather that we had in Santiago the week before.  I checked my phone for the weather report. The high was listed for the day as 96 degrees and 80% humidity.  Welcome to the jungle!

Iguazu Falls map
Iguazu Falls map of the park

As I walked through the park we saw the cutest group of Indian children performing! It was delightful.  Local Indian tribes had tables of hand carved and beaded items.  The crafts were lovely and a provided great souvenirs.


As I walked around the park the first thing I noticed about Iguazu was that the water was brown and muddy.  Not really what I had imagined the water to look like.  The guide said there had been a lot of rain and that’s why it was muddy and not clear.  It reminded me of the chocolate river in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

Iguazu Falls brown water
The river looks like it’s from Willy Wonka!

As I started down the path on the Argentina side to the Falls I walked on an iron path that had a see-through bottom.  It was a foot bridge.   If you were scared of heights or walking on top of water, this certainly isn’t for you.  The walkways led you throughout the park, waterways and over to the popular “Devil’s Throat”.  It was a strange feeling walking on top of all that water.  The path from the train to Devil’s Throat was almost 3 miles and many times you were crossing the river with no land in sight.  Eerie but peaceful!

Iguazu Falls walkways
The footbridge takes you throughout the Falls
Iguazu Falls footbridge
It feels a little weird walking on top of the water
Footbridge above the water
Walking over the water at Iguazu

Devil’s Throat is the point in the park where all the water meets.  It’s a giant U shape of cascading water.  It’s truly a force of nature with all the power and roar of the water.  Mother Nature is truly amazing and the sight was unbelievable!   There was even a beautiful rainbow over the water.

Rainbow over Iguazu Falls
Beautiful Rainbow over Devil’s Throat


Aside from the breathtaking waterfalls and scenery we saw lovely birds.  Tropical birds sitting in the trees along the way and there was a tropical bird park located on the Brazil side.  The colors were amazing and the birds were spectacular!  If you want to travel to Brazil, make sure you get a tourist visa first!

Toucan at Iguazu Falls
Brazillian Toucan
Parrot at Iguazu Falls
Parrots have great color!
Brazillian Owl
Brazillian Owl

As we walked around to the train station (a train takes you to the foot bridges that lead to the Devil’s Throat) we saw a freaky looking animal that looks like a cross between a racoon and a monkey. It was called a Coati, which is native to South America.  The Coati has a long tail like a monkey but they were about the size of a small dog.  The guide had warned us not to try to pet the animals or feed them.  The guide said, “Watch out they can claw you or bite your face off!”

Coatis at Iguazu
Iguazu critters

So, needless to say I was a little concerned when I saw 25 or 30 of these little creatures run out of the forest to grab some cookies that a tourist had dropped.  Yikes!  It reminded me of when I was in South Africa on safari and the monkeys would run down and grab food.  They ran out of the jungle so fast!  It was a little disconcerting for sure!

Coatis at Iguazu Falls
They ran out of the hills to grab cookies
Iguazu Falls Coatis
Don’t feed the critters because they will bite you!

My photos don’t really do Iguazu Falls justice.  You should definitely add to your bucket list and see for yourself!  Until next time when we discuss a new Pilates facility in Lexington.  xoxox



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