Cheers at Jeff Rubys

Special Occasion Destination

When you have a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc. you deserve to celebrate in style!  These momentous occasions don’t come around every day.  Your celebration should be something to remember.  You don’t have to travel far to find someplace to celebrate with fine dining and special people!

After all, while the event may end, the special memory will live on forever!

My parents recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  Not for nothing, this is a big deal!  In today’s society, many people will never even dream of hitting the 60-year mark.  We wanted to have a special night to celebrate together.

Anniversary Dinner
The happy couple!

I made our reservation at Jeff Ruby’s restaurant in Lexington. It’s such a fun atmosphere, and my parents had never been there.  I knew the restaurant would be a lovely way to celebrate this very special occasion.

Stephanie at Jeff Rubys
Meet my little friends!

My favorite area in the restaurant is the bar area.  It’s like you’ve traveled to old Vegas.  The atmosphere is glitzy and there’s a lot of good energy.  There’s live music every night.  The music starts out jazzy for happy hour, then they have a live band for later in the evening.  It’s not uncommon to have a multi-piece band.  The one thing that I have noticed every time I have visited Jeff Ruby’s restaurant is that everybody is smiling.  There’s not a grumpy person in the place.  This is a rare occurrence! Sadly, all too often these days it seems that smiles are often missing when you are out and about.  But not at Jeff Ruby’s. Next time you visit, just look around! You’ll want to smile, too.

When I made the reservation I notified the restaurant of the anniversary.  The ladies at the front desk greeted my parents and congratulated them.  Not only did they make us feel welcome, but we felt as though they truly appreciated that we were there to celebrate with them!

Cheers at Jeff Rubys

We had a lovely table in the bar with velvet round seats.  Like I said, it reminds me of old Vegas.  You could picture the Rat Pack hanging out and drinking martinis around the bar.  The seats provided a great view not only to the band but of all the pretty people that happened to be there this particular evening.

The General Manager, Garrett Coats, came to the table and congratulated my parents and said hello.  He personally took our drink orders.  Whether you are in the dining room or the bar, service is one of their top priorities.  It definitely shows!

I ordered the carrot bisque as my starter.  It was so delicious, I wish I could have licked the bowl.  The crisp English Peas and the tartness of the Meyer Lemon really complimented the dish.  Fine dining at it’s best!

Carrot Bisque
Yummy Carrot Bisque!  Fine dining at it’s best!

For my entree, I ordered the crab cake.  We’ve discussed my fondness for crab cakes in previous posts.  I love crab cakes.  Jeff Ruby’s crab cake did not disappoint.  The dish was filled with crab, sautéed crispy on the outside, and sitting atop well-crafted Remoulade sauce.  You can order everything that appears on the regular menu in the bar.  From sushi to crab cakes, to melt in your mouth steaks to burgers, there’s a wide variety of dining for everyone.

Jeff Ruby crab cake
I love a good crab cake!

Before the dessert arrived the server brought out a camera and took our photo.  Smile!

Souvenir from Jeff Rubys
A great souvenir from Jeff Ruby’s
Jeff Ruby's take home momento
Nice touch!
chocolate cake from Jeff Ruby's
Everybody loves chocolate cake!

After we had finished our meal, the server brought out the dessert.  She presented my parents with a special dessert for them, as well as two commemorative photo cards.  It’s the extra touches that make this restaurant stand out.  Jeff Ruby’s makes you feel like a million dollars and helps creates those special memories!

Jeff Ruby's entrance art
A lovely time was had by all!

Until next time we travel and dine together! xoxox.



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