Zip lining down the pole

Flying over the Rainbow

You’re not going to believe what my topic is today or that I actually did this activity.  It’s not something that I would do on a regular basis, but I was pleasantly surprised and I ended up having a lot of fun.  I recently traveled to Boone Creek Outdoors with my friend to have a zip lining adventure!

Zip lining ready
Ready for an adventure!

My friend received a gift card to Boone Creek Outdoors for the Zip Line Canopy Tour for Christmas.  She asked if I would be interested in going with her to zip line.  Hmmm, I must say I’ve never really thought I would like zip-lining, I’m not really the outdoorsy type.  But, what the heck!  Sign me up.

Zip lining
Sign me up!

I was surprised to learn that the trip to Boone Creek Outdoors was only a 13-minute drive from my house.  I didn’t have a clue that such lovely scenery was only a short drive away.  Just take Old Richmond Road and you run right into the office of Boone Creek.

Our reservation was on a Sunday morning at 10am.  It may surprise you to know that I have hiking pants (I got them for a trip to South Africa) and they sure came in handy.  They were lightweight and a perfect choice for a warm day.  In addition, the pants are good to wear for the required equipment and apparatuses and the hike.   Tick and bugs have a harder time with pants than shorts.  The weather was gorgeous and we were ready for our big adventure!

Zip lining day
Perfect day for zip lining

Boone Creek Outdoors can take groups of around 10 people for each zip lining trip.  On our day, however, it was just the two of us and our guides.  It was nice to have a “private” tour.  With fewer people, it doesn’t take as long to finish on a hot summer day.

We checked in for our trip and were ready to go.  The guides take photos throughout the adventure and email them to you when you are finished.  I wanted to confirm that we would have plenty of photos because I know that people wouldn’t believe that I actually went zip lining!  I needed proof!

Zip lining down the pole
Look no hands!

After a short practice session on a line that was only a couple of feet off the ground, we were ready to start.  We learned hand placement and other important tips.  I did ask if there was a trail below that I could follow along if I didn’t want to finish the zip line tour.  Nope!  Once you are up there, you are making the full trip!  You’re in for the long haul!

zip lining tree stand
Making my way up to the stand
Zip lining in the trees
There’s no turning back!

The zip line tour was made up of 6 zip lines.  There were short lines, and there were long lines.  One guide went first and the other stayed behind.  The lines were really sturdy, I can’t imagine any weather, squirrel or bird being able to provide wear and tear on them.  There is a weight limit on the zip lining, it’s not for everyone.

200’ zip lining
200’ ft. In the air

The first line was the starter line.  It was only about 300′ across and it gave you a chance to learn how to start and stop.  Stopping was the only concern that I had, it’s hard to put your hand on the line while traveling 20+ miles an hour.  The good news is that you have gloves on, as well as a leather overlay on the stopping hand.  You don’t feel any discomfort, even though it’s a little scary at first!

Our guide zip lining
Our guide made it look easy!

The guides were a lot of fun and safety was their first concern.  There was never a time that I felt unsafe while standing on the little treestands among the trees.  The guides make sure that you are always tethered and secure.

Zip lining with tethering
The harnesses aren’t very flattering, but at least they are secure!

The tree stands are around 200 feet in the air.  It’s a little scary when you look down but the scenery is gorgeous.  I felt like Tinkerbell flying through the air!

Bubbly Horse Zip Lining
Flying through the air!

I sometimes like to ride roller coasters, but it’s always scary to look down when you are going down the big hill.  I thought that I would be really nervous and scared to start and make the plunge, but you just sort of sit down and off you go!

Sit down zip line
You just sit down and off you go!

The longest line is 1400 feet long and you go about 40 miles an hour.  You fly through the trees and over the Kentucky River.  It’s breathtaking!

Selfie zip lining
Quickie photo before I’m off!

During the trip, there are 3 sky bridges that you use to travel from stand to stand.  They were a little shaky, but a fun experience.  Again, you are tethered to the line, so there’s no danger of falling off the bridges or through the cracks.

Hanging bridge while zip lining
The hanging bridge was fun!

A truck took us back to the office.  Yes, I did it!  I rode in the back of the truck! Ha!

Zip lining truck
The end of the zip lining

After a quick break and some much-needed water, it was time for the second activity of our trip.  Next up was a 2-mile hike down by the Kentucky River Palisades.  We met our guide and off we went.

Time for a 2-mile hike!
Wait for me!

Along the way, we saw lots of interesting trees and plants.  One of Kentucky’s native fruits are called Paw Paws.  We saw a lot of Paw Paw trees.  They are very tall and skinny.  Who knew that Kentucky actually has a native cactus!

Kentucky cactus
Who knew Kentucky had a native cactus?!

We finally made it down to the Palisades.  It was so beautiful.  We saw very large rocks, limestone, and a gorgeous waterfall.  Wading through the water was a little scary for me, but I made it through without falling on the slippery rocks.

Kentucky Palisades
Picturesque setting
Water in the Kentucky Palisades
Walking through the water in the Palisades, even over a beaver dam
Hiking in the Palisades
Lots to see in the Palisades
Kentucky Palisades water
Limestone up close!

After leaving the water and continuing on our tour we came upon a large house that appeared out of nowhere.  You could tell that back in the day it was quite spectacular. The guide advised us that the house used to be a stash house for The Bluegrass Conspiracy drama years ago.  The next week all the news was about the new information regarding the case and the missing girl.  Talk about a strange coincidence!

Bluegrass conspiracy house
Who knew the Bluegrass Conspiracy house was here?

Ziplining is a fun adventure!  You should take the short drive and take the plunge!  Until next time xoxox.





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