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Recently I traveled to Atlanta with my parents. We love to visit the city, it’s not too far, (around 6 hours) and we can travel by car. It’s a great city to visit, there’s so much going on! Between the shopping and the dining, what’s not to like?!

We’ve been traveling there for many years, so we know the city fairly well, and have certain places that we like to visit. For instance, Bones Steakhouse is always on the list to make a reservation. The traditional setting and old school service is terrific. Great service and wonderful food are a combination that is sometimes hard to find!

Bones Filet in Atlanta
We love Bones!

I stumbled upon a restaurant that I had never tried before. Storico Fresco Alimentarie Ristorante is located in the heart of Buckhead. If you are not familiar with the area, Buckhead is the trendy part of Atlanta. High-end shopping, skyscrapers, big business, and a wide variety of dining options can all be found in Buckhead. The people are pretty and the landscaping and buildings are gorgeous!

Buckhead Atlanta
Buckhead in Atlanta is an exciting part of the city! Photo by https://www. Bizjournals.com

I made our reservation on Open Table and made sure to let them know it was Mom’s birthday. I wanted it to be a special evening for her.

Storico Fresco Alimentarie has an active presence on Instagram and I’ve followed them for a while.  I frequently comment so I’ve gotten to “know” them.   I let the owner know that we had a reservation and it was Mom’s birthday.

Storico is not only a restaurant, but it’s also an Italian grocery.  It has pre-made meals, meats, cheeses, and all kinds of wonderful pasta that you can take home.

Storico Olive Oil
Nothing better than quality olive oil!
Storico Fresco peppers
Peppers Anyone?
Storico gourmet tomato sauce
Gourmet Pasta
Pasta anyone?

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might just pass Storico. It’s in the bottom of a building and the patio is partially covered in front. There’s a really small sign so it’s easy to miss, but rest assured, the locals know where to go!

Storico Fresco in Atlanta
Storico is easy to miss, but the locals how to find it!

On this particular evening our driver, Joe, said to us, “you’re going to probably the best Italian restaurants in Atlanta”. It’s a very popular place and the food is amazing!”, he went on to say.

Storico is definitely a trendy place in Atlanta. Stained concrete floors and minimalist tables and chairs give the restaurant an industrial feel, unlike many traditional Italian restaurants with red and white oilcloth tablecloths. You won’t find any photos of the rat pack hanging here!

Storico Fresco interior
The restaurant is very cool

A popular trend in restaurants these days is to have a Chef’s Table.  It’s located close to the kitchen so it’s very busy and there’s always a lot of action to see. Think of Hell’s Kitchen.

Storico Chef's Table
The Chef’s Table is an active part of the restaurant!

The wine list was interesting. There was a variety of well-priced wine to choose from. They were primarily Italian wines, so I asked our server helped me to pick out a moderately priced red wine. It was outstanding! I will be going to my local wine store to see if they carry it!

Red Wine
A great red wine that won’t break the bank!

We ordered our appetizers. It was really hard to narrow it down, there were so many choices! I was torn between the Polpette (Berkshire pork meatballs, Mozzarella in Pomodoro sauce), the Pizzette (you can guess!), and the Proscuitto & Mozzarella. I’ve learned, when in doubt, always ask the server what they recommend! He recommended two items on the menu.  The appetizers were Carciofo Frita Alla Romana (fried Roman artichokes with lemon) and Squash Blossoms (they were filled with ricotta, mozzarella and fried). They were very interesting, you don’t find these appetizer selections in many restaurants.

Storico Fried Artichokes

We ordered the fried artichokes for the table. OMG, I can’t even describe how delicious they were. So light and crispy, even though they were fried, and the lemon provided a brightness to the dish!

Fried artichoke
Almost too pretty to eat, but I’m so glad I did!

While we were eating you just couldn’t help but to notice how happy everybody was. People were having a great time, whether it was a girl’s night or date night, there were smiles all around. It gets a bit loud in the restaurant, but it was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves. There was great energy in the room.

Storico Fresco interior
Happy people and great energy at Storico

The main course was up next. The menu listed Branzino as an entree and my dad mentioned he had never eaten Branzino.  What?!!  I wondered how he hadn’t heard of this fish on all of his travels?  Branzino is also known as European Bass. It’s a delicate, mild, white fish. It’s not in season all the time, and it can be hard to find. FYI, the fish is almost always served with the head on, so be aware.  The dish was completed with a side of fennel salad that complimented the flavor profile. It was delicious!

Branzino is also called European Bass

I ordered one of the house specialty plates of pasta, which was linguini with shrimp and pistachio basil pesto, otherwise known as Linguini al Pesto e Gamberi.  It was fantastic!

Storico Pasta
Linguini with shrimp was delicious!

The birthday girl ordered the Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese, which is a traditional Italian pasta dish. It was very good. We also ordered Funghi Misti (a variety of different types of mushrooms) for the table. Really, the photo doesn’t do the mushrooms justice. They were by far some of the best mushrooms that I have ever tasted.

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese pasta is a traditional Italian pasta dish
Wild Mushrooms
A variety of mushrooms completed the wonderful meal!

Last but not least, you can’t have a birthday celebration without dessert! The Robiola Cheesecake didn’t disappoint, but the real star of the dessert menu is the Burnt Ricotta Pie. I couldn’t resist ordering after reading the description “sweet dough, lightly sweetened ricotta, raspberry jam, honey, and powdered sugar”. Yes, please!!

Burnt Ricotta Pie
The Burnt Ricotta Pie is a star!
Lemon Cheesecake
Robiola Cheese Cake has a lemon crust

We had a great dining experience at Storico that evening. We enjoyed it so much, we stopped in the next day to pick up some things to bring home. Prepared mushroom lasagne, kale pesto (yummy yummy!), and a burnt ricotta pie made its way back to Lexington with me!

Storico take home
Lots of choices to take home!

If you travel to Atlanta, or you live there, you should be sure to make it a point to visit Storico Fresco Alimentarie e Ristorante. It’s some of the best food you will ever find!

Storico Motto
History of Cultural Traditions and Taste

Until next time, xoxo.

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