Taormina Gelato

Taormina, Sicily

As I began preparing for my next big adventure to Egypt, I couldn’t help but smile as I looked back to my trip to Sicily several years ago. Sicily is a magical place and I had a wonderful trip.

Taormina Seaside
The scenery is breathtaking!

The food, the company, the scenery, the fashion, and of course, the wine was phenomenal. I loved everything about the country. The people were lovely, the wine was cheap (and fabulous), and the food was to die for! My fellow travelers were so much fun to be with and we were able to share some great experiences.

Girls in Sicily
Selfie from Sicily!

For my blog post today I wanted to share my trip photos and tell you about some of the interesting things to do and see in Sicily,

The trip itinerary included both a visit to Taormina and the capital city of Palermo. Each of the cities are totally different and represent interesting parts of the county. The town of Taormina is nestled in the countryside along the ocean and Palermo is a busy city with lots of people and traffic. Both are unique and lovely.

We started out in Taormina. The interesting thing is that the G-5 summit has followed me for the past several years. Two weeks after I left the country, the summit was scheduled to begin. The next couple of years they followed me to Cape Town, South Africa and then to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This year the summit is in France, maybe I should follow them!

Leandscaping in Taormina
Taormina’s landscaping makes the city even prettier!
Greek ruins in Taormina
In the middle of the city are the remains of a Greek theatre

The scenery was absolutely stunning in Taormina. The views from the hillside take your breath away. Luxury resorts were tucked away in the hillside while the small town of Taormina was situated at the top of the hill overlooking the ocean.

Siciliy view
Stunning views!
View from Sicily hotel
Not a bad view for breakfast or happy hour!
Sicily ocean view
A relaxing day at the pool

The town of Taormina had so much to do and to see. Whether you wanted to shop, eat, drink, or simply just people watch, this was definitely the area for you!

Cafe's in Taormina
The main street in Taormina has side streets with even more shops and cafes.
stores in Taormina
All types of stores in Taormina

The first day of our visit we struck up a friendship with one of the shop owners. Of course, it didn’t hurt that my credit card got a good workout there, but we asked the shopkeeper for a recommendation for lunch. He personally escorted us over to one of his neighbors and asked them to take good care of us.

Taormina lunch
Time for lunch and wine!

We sat down and ordered wine (we were in Italy for goodness sake!) and a starter. I ordered a caprese salad. OMG!

Caprese salad

For the main course we asked for a recommendation from the owner. Fresh fish!

Taormina seafood
Fresh off the boat!
Fresh Shrimp
Fresh shrimp- yes, please!

We were even sceneraded while we sipped our wine. I felt like I was in a movie!

Taormina street performer
A street performer serenaded us during lunch

The owner brought the fish over and filleted it at the table. His knife skills were so good that three cuts and the fish was ready to eat. I don’t know if I was so excited to be there and I was having such a good time, but the food was wonderful!

Taormina fish
Nothing better than fresh fish!

Did you know that cannoli’s were invented in Sicily? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on an authentic delicacy. I can say that it was worth the wait!

Cannoli- yes please!

After a celebratory drink of lemon cello to celebrate our new friendship with the restaurant owner in Taormina we left to do more sightseeing.

Lemon cello
Nothing says new friends like a shot of lemon cello!


Taormina friends
New friends in Taormina!

Sicilian pottery is gorgeous. The streets were decorated with decorative pots, there were decorative pots on balconies, and we saw a lot of pottery shops in Taormina. The workmanship and detail are unbelievable on the pottery. I bought a piece while I was there, but I’m still mad at myself for not shipping more home. From whimsical to real life, the pottery was amazing.

Sicilian pottery
I wish I could have brought this home with me!
Don Corleone art sign
Parts of The Godfather were filmed around Taormina
Sicilian Pottery
Most all of the buildings are decorated with pottery
Sicilian Pottery
I’m still mad at myself for not shipping more pottery!
Sicilian king pottery
This was so lovely, the photos don’t do it justice!


Large Sicilian planter
The streets are decorated with all types of pottery!

Pretty soon it was time for Happy Hour. Sicilians love happy hour. For happy hour most places serve nuts, crackers, cheese and a variety of nibbles. All are free of charge, it’s always a celebration.

The town of Taormina has a famous bar called Cafe Wunderbar. It’s sits in in the middle of town and the people watching is great. They have nightly entertainment and a great wine list. This is definitely my kind of town!

Wunderbar in Taormina

At the end of the day you must have a Italian gelato. Gelato is the Italian name for ice cream. It’s a little different than ice cream, it has a lower fat content and contains more milk than cream. The shop was so cute, who could resist?!

Taormina Gelato
How cute is this place?!

If you ever get the chance to visit Taormina, you should! It’s a wonderful place and the people are very warm and hospitable. Until next time, xoxo


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