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Plastic Surgeons of Lexington-Making Things Like New Again


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Plastic Surgeons of Lexington. All opinions are my own.  The featured photo is courtesy of The Scout Guide.

I’m a child of the ’80s…Remember, it was all about big hair, hard rock, and large earrings! They used to say, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven! Aqua Net made it happen.

Big 80's hair
The higher the hair, the closer to heaven! Photo by Salon Iris

Everything was bigger as we moved through the ’80s. The decade was for making a statement. Go Big or Go Home!

Earrings were big and they were heavy. Remember? Back in the day, it was stylish to have earrings that were more often than not long and heavy. After all, you couldn’t have all that hair and rock small earrings. Who could see them?`

'80's hair bands
The ’80s were known for “Hair Bands”. Photo by

Heavy earrings can be really hard on your ears. Over the years my pierced ear lobes have stretched out with wear and tear from the ’80s and beyond. Who hasn’t been trying on clothes and accidentally caught an earring, or held a cute baby that grabbed your shiny earring? As my dear readers know, being fashionable isn’t for sissies.

Stretched ear lobes is surely a problem that many women of a particular age are facing. It’s disappointed that I have reached a point in my life when I can have some really nice earrings, but they now droop down and begin to hurt after a time. Did you know that your ear lobes age and can make you look older?… It’s that ‘gravity’ thing again. No longer are they round and tight, now they are long and thin. Somehow this doesn’t seem fair!

Growing up all I wanted was to have my ears pierced. It was a rite of passage that most little girls (and some boys) looked forward to. My grandmother made a deal with my parents when I turned 13… she would take me to have my ears pierced. For me, it was hello, Piercing Pagoda!

Some of my friends went to the old-fashioned way of ear piercing. They simply held an ice cube up to their ear and held a potato in the back. They poked the needle through and the ear was pierced! Of course, that sometimes lead to ear infections and all sorts of bad things, but it did the trick most of the time.

I’m sure you remember the Piercing Pagoda. It was located in the mall and always had a long line of anxious girls waiting to get the little gold studs. They had an earring gun, it looked like a giant staple gun that would shoot the earring into the ear lobe. Boom, done!

Fast forward to 2020, after multiple decades of wear and tear on my ear lobes, I needed to find a solution! I couldn’t wear my fabulous multi-carat diamond earrings without my ears looking very droopy and being pain after several hours of wear.

I happened to be watching Kelly and Ryan one day and I discovered there are several different solutions to remedy stretched out or deformed ear lobes. Who knew? I was determined to fix my problem!

I started doing some research on plastic surgeons located in Lexington. There’s not really a highly technical term for this surgery as you might expect. In my search, I discovered it was simply called, ear lobe repair.

I found that Plastic Surgeons of Lexington perform the ear lobe repair surgery. I was familiar with the group because I had seen their photos in The Scout Guide of Lexington. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is an awesome publication that is produced each year, you can see if here: It’s an elegant and beautiful format. The photos help you to see the advertisers in a different setting. The displays are playful, fun, and highly creative… Far from a typical advertising presentation.

The Scout Guide
The Scout Guide is a beautiful coffee table book that has first-class advertising!

Plastic Surgeons of Lexington offers many different procedures and treatments. According to their web site, they have over 65 years of experience in helping clients in Lexington. They offer a variety of cosmetic surgery including liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, facelifts, and also ear lobe repair!

Plastic Surgeons of Lexington practice
The practice has recently welcomed a new doctor to the practice, Dr. Evan Moore. Photo courtesy of Plastic Surgeons of Lexington

I called and booked my appointment. It was quite easy and the receptionist was very accommodating. After scheduling the appointment, they emailed me several forms to fill out online and return electronically. Quick and painless!

Going to the doctor can certainly be intimidating. Uncertainty can lead to anxiety…You know, it can be potentially nerve-wracking.

My appointment day arrived and I traveled to Plastic Surgeons of Lexington’s office. It was located off of Harrodsburg Road in the medical complex. It was reassuring to me to be going to a practice that is close in proximity to a hospital. I can’t help it…I’m sort of the nervous type about medical things. Maybe you are, too.

Plastic Surgeons of Lexington
Lovely waiting room
Lobby of the Plastic Sergeons of Lexington
The lobby puts you at ease while you are waiting to see the doctor
Waiting area for Plastic Surgeons of Lexington
Natural light and neutral tones accentuate the lobby and allow patients to relax

The office is beautiful. It’s modern and spacious and it puts you at ease immediately. My appointment was with Dr. Michael Lynch. He looked very friendly in the photo that was in the waiting room. The practice also includes Dr. Joseph Hill, Dr. Michael Moore, and Dr. Evan Moore. The photos and the attached bios of the doctors allowed you to get to know them and be more comfortable while you waited for your appointment.

Dr. Lynch
Dr. Lynch to the rescue!
Dr. Hill
Dr. Hill popped in to say hello during my exam!
Dr. Moore
Dr. Moore’s father established the practice in 1952

Plastic Surgeons of Lexington not only has four doctors on staff, but also an RN that operates a medical spa there in the offices. Holly Hodge, who is an Aesthetics Nurse, offers a wide variety of skincare products and procedures, such as Botox and fillers. She carries top-notch skincare lines such as Obaji and SkinMedica.

The practice also has a medspa that carries top-notch products such as Obagi and SkinMedica

I was called back to the exam room and Dr. Lynch came in. He was very friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable. I felt confident that he would do a good job. He asked many questions to determine exactly what surgery I needed. Since the ear lobe wasn’t completely torn, I didn’t have to have reconstructive surgery. Dr. Lynch made sure that I understood the procedure, healing time, and also the procedure to re-pierce after the lobes had healed.  He was very thorough and patient as he explained the short procedure.

While I was there, Dr. Hill popped in to say hello. The doctors and the staff were really very friendly, as well as professional. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcome and at ease.

My surgery is scheduled and I’m ready to go!  We are planning to do a Facebook Live broadcast of the procedure.  Tune in to see how they can help you too!  You can learn more about the practice here:

I can’t wait to share my experience with my readers.  Remember, all things can be new again in the right hands…Until then, xoxo.

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