Bubbly Salad

You know that champagne is my favorite drink.  I love the bubbles, the color and just the overall vibe of the drink.  So when I find recipes that use champagne I get really excited and want to share!  This champagne vinaigrette is wonderful for a dinner party or just as an everyday dressing.  I always […]

Bubbly Cupcakes

Do you have some leftover Champagne that you’re not going to drink?  Well that doesn’t happen at my house, but I thought some of you would enjoy this recipe!  Just put off the diet for another week. Save this recipe for Valentines Day to share with your sweetie. xoxo from Beth @The First Year Blog […]

Bubbles University

Do you know the difference between Prosecco and Champagne? All bubbles are not the same!  Read below so that you can dazzle others with your knowledge of all things bubbly. xoxo Champagne Campaign vs. Prosecco Party: Do You Know the Difference? December 11, 2017 by Emily Cappiello First Published: December 8, 2017 There’s nothing better […]