Royal “Tea”


Besides Champagne what should you serve at the royal wedding party? Even though it’s going to be 8am EST (the fun stuff starts a lot earlier) you still want to be creative and fancy.  There’s always a Mimosa as an option but I thought you might want to try something different.

I found this traditional English recipe and made a few changes to tie Kentucky and London together.  This sounds delicious! xoxo

Royal Balmoral Punch
3 cups Kentucky Bourbon (Makers Mark would be nice)
1 cup tea syrup (to make, combine 1 cup English breakfast tea, brewed strong, then mix while hot with 1 cup sugar until it becomes a syrup)
2 cups fresh apple juice
Top with 2 cups lemonade

Combine ingredients in a punch bowl with ice.
Serve in glass tea cups or champagne flutes

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Hi! I’m back.  After a crazy month of selling hats and horse racing I’m back to blogging!  It’s great to be back with you.

What are you doing this weekend for the big wedding?  I’m going to a party that begins at 6:30am.  Doesn’t that sound like fun? One of my friends is hosting the party and I believe there’s going to be around 10 of us attending.  Party directions are that I wear my pajamas and a fascinator/crown/hat.  We’ll be drinking champagne and eating fancy little cakes while the royal nuptials are taking place.  The wedding begins at 8am EST (that’s 12noon in London).

So, I’ve been planning my outfit.  It’s got to be super cute!   I’ll do a blog post about the fete next Monday and give you all the details.  Stay tuned!  In order to get your outfit thoughts together I’ve collected a few photos of Prince William and Katherine’s wedding guests.  Cheers to an American Princess! xoxo

photo by


You’re Invited!

You’re Invited!

Today the invitation to the upcoming royal wedding was released.  I don’t know about you but I’m soooo excited.   I will have to set my alarm to watch all the preliminary coverage (wedding is 8am EST) but I’ll do it!  I can’t wait to see all the pomp and circumstance.  Here’s the invitation:


Hopefully you can see it but the invitation also includes a dress code.  Ladies need to wear a dress with a day hat.  How fun! Check out a few of royal hats over the years.

You’ll be hearing more regarding plans for the wedding soon.  xoxo


Crowns for a Queen

Hello, I mean what girl doesn’t love a crown! I saw this slideshow from Veranda magazine and wanted to share. We’ve got a lot to do before the wedding next May! Dreams do come true, I wonder which one Meghan will wear? Xoxox

Dream Job with Royals

Dream Job with Royals

Can you imagine a career that you get to escort the young royals at their events?  Glamourous and fun events following around the most exciting couples on the planet? Can you write press releases and formulate media events? Do you have social media expertise?

The Royal Family recently posted a job on Linked In with the title of Communications Officer that does just that.  Get your resume out and go for it! xoxox