Spring in your Step

I’m loving all the new block heels that are currently in style.  They are far more comfortable and easier to walk in than those with thinner heels.  You can even go a little higher than normal.  I bought a pair of silver Gucci mules last summer and wore them a lot.  They were super sassy […]

Elf Shoes for You?

Recently I was reading Vogue magazine and they were reviewing trends that they saw on recent fashion runways.  These Moroccan pointy-toe shoes were seen in both men’s and women’s styles at the recent 2018 Lowe Fashion Show.  I can’t wait to see these walking down Main Street USA this year!  xoxo


OMG Jimmy Choo has a collaboration with Disney for a Cinderella shoe collection. They are covered in Swarovski crystals and are totally awesome!  The YouTube video will blind you because it’s so sparkly. You can even get a purse to match.  Stay fabulous xoxo. http://us.jimmychoo.com/en/search?cgid=collection-edits-thecinderellaedit  

Gifts for a Princess

I received a funny email the other day from my friend Denise.  I call her Dennis.  She said, “This ad was in my feed today and I think they got me mixed up with Bubbly Horse!”  It seems that Nordstrom released their holiday items and this lovely shoe was included.  Looks like a perfect gift […]