Spring Ready

Spring Ready

Spring is here!  Easter is here and Keeneland is just around the corner. My friend Linda emailed me the other day with a link to Katy Perry’s new line of shoes.  Have you seen them?  They are fabulous, so on-trend and very affordable!  Here’s some of my favorites.



And of course who wouldn’t like these!



Happy shopping.  Stay fabulous!  xoxox


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Spring in your Step

I’m loving all the new block heels that are currently in style.  They are far more comfortable and easier to walk in than those with thinner heels.  You can even go a little higher than normal.  I bought a pair of silver Gucci mules last summer and wore them a lot.  They were super sassy and really fun.

When I was shopping online recently I found these fun shoes.  Feathers- check, pink- check, block heels- check.  What’s not to like?  These Charlotte Russe faux suede sandals were regularly $32.99 but they are currently on sale for $15.99! Spring is right around the corner. xoxox






OMG Jimmy Choo has a collaboration with Disney for a Cinderella shoe collection. They are covered in Swarovski crystals and are totally awesome!  The YouTube video will blind you because it’s so sparkly. You can even get a purse to match.  Stay fabulous xoxo.



Princess Leia wears Louboutins

Princess Leia wears Louboutins

Who would ever think that the iconic red sole shoe would be involved in the Star Wars mania! Christian Louboutin has done a collaboration with a costume designer that has designed sparkly screen girls such as Cinderella and Malificient in advance of the premier of The Last Jedi.  This brand of shoes is already fabulous but wait until you see these shoes!  The best part is that they are being auctioned off for charity with proceeds going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.  Check out these beauties! xoxo

PS- It’s rumored that Prince William and Prince Harry are Storm Troopers in The Last Jedi.  Go check it out this weekend!


Socks are the New Ties

Socks are the New Ties

Men are so hard to buy for.  Every year I think, what am I going to get Dad and Brent? Men’s clothes are boring and there’s only so many ties that they need or want!

I was looking around and found these super fun socks.  These days the more wild the sock the better since socks are the new ties.  Who wouldn’t want to wear these works of art?  I think these socks are awesome. xoxo



Gifts for a Princess

I received a funny email the other day from my friend Denise.  I call her Dennis.  She said, “This ad was in my feed today and I think they got me mixed up with Bubbly Horse!”  It seems that Nordstrom released their holiday items and this lovely shoe was included.  Looks like a perfect gift for the princess in your life (or just wait and somebody will knock it off soon)! xoxox