Memorial Day weekend means the beginning of the summer is here.  After the winter that we had, I’m ready!  But the beginning of summer also means that vacation travel is here.  I have a few ideas that will help you save big $$ when you are planning your trip.

Whether you are staying close or traveling far I have a site that can save you money on your trip.  I have been using for a while.  When I checked my balance the other day, I have $60 just waiting to be transferred to my Paypal account.  I bought a dress for Derby from Neiman Marcus and got 12% back, I bought my mother a gift from Saks and got 10% back and I frequently purchase items from Ebay and got money back.  I even bought Alexa and got money back.  She’s pretty handy.

So when I was looking at the site I noticed quite a few hotels offer cash back.  It’s really simple, just go thru the site and book your hotel as normal.  Some of the offers I saw included Marriott 7% back, Hilton 10% back, IGH 8% back and Expedia is 12% back.  If you are going to spend $1000 (or probably more for a week) you would be crazy not to get money back!   Especially from doing what you normally do anyway.

So let me know what you think!  With all the money you’ll save you can shop more!  xoxo

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Totally Awesome!

Totally Awesome!

Last week we went to a new store opening in Lexington.  It was called Total Wine & More.  This is their second store in Kentucky, the other one is in Louisville.  According to their website they are located in 20 states.

I’m a big Costco fan and Trader Joe wine fan.  They have great wine available for a great price and are always very knowledgeable.  To be honest with you, if I’m at home I’m going to drink a $10 or less bottle of wine.  There’s plenty of wine that is really good for that price point.

Total Wine & More was totally awesome!  They had such a big collection of wine, beer and spirits.  For example, I’m a big Cava fan and other places may carry one or two brands of Cava.  I’m not kidding there were 20 brands at Total Wine!  I was in heaven.  I couldn’t fit them all in the photo.


When you go, be sure to look in the glass cases.  That’s where the really good stuff is that you will want to check out.  It’s not everyday you see a $1,000 bottle of champagne in a fancy bottle!


Total Wine is a great store.  On site they have a cigar humidor, a classroom, free wif-fi and a growler station (that has something to do with craft beer).  The coolest thing I saw was a wine chiller, in case you need a cold bottle FAST!

Be watching for wine classes.  This is totally going to be fun! xoxox


Satin Dreams

Satin Dreams

How many of you use satin pillowcases?  Well if you don’t, get some ASAP!

There are so many reasons to use satin pillowcases.  The first reason is that when you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper the satin lets the skin glide easily across the pillow.  This is good for preventing wrinkles and also for preventing hair breakage.  Both of these are super important!

The second reason is that satin pillowcases don’t absorb oil like cotton does.  Cotton pillowcases will dry out your face and your hair.  It sucks the oil right out.  We don’t want that!  We need to keep all the natural oil we have in our skin and hair.

And the last reason is that satin pillowcases are so pretty.  They come in a variety of colors.  Nothing says fancy like satin.  Here’s to looking good!  xoxo.

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Spring Ready

Spring Ready

Spring is here!  Easter is here and Keeneland is just around the corner. My friend Linda emailed me the other day with a link to Katy Perry’s new line of shoes.  Have you seen them?  They are fabulous, so on-trend and very affordable!  Here’s some of my favorites.



And of course who wouldn’t like these!



Happy shopping.  Stay fabulous!  xoxox


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Bourbon Thoughts

Bourbon Thoughts

Today I was doing one of my favorite things which is shopping at Costco.  I love walking around all the aisles and looking at all the items.  I never knew I needed so many items and gadgets!  Not to mention that it helps me get my steps in on my fitbit.

After my shopping I always visit the liquor store.  Did you know that Costco is the world’s leading wholesale buyer of wine?  The prices are great.

Today in addition to buying champagne and wine I was looking at all the spirits.  Costco has a good variety of bourbons.  They have the usual suspects, Woodford Reserve and Makers Mark, but they also have a good selection of select bourbons.  One of our new favorite bourbons is Rabbit Hole.  Not only is the packaging awesome but it’s a great bourbon for the value.  Read all about it below.


However, the bourbon that caught my eye was the bourbon below.  It’s so exclusive I can’t even find anything about Lincoln Bourbon on the internet.  Be sure to check out the price tag.  At Costco!  Does anybody know this bourbon?

What’s your favorite bourbon? xoxo

Sold Out

In honor of The Royals returning to tv this weekend I wanted to share with you a recent Princess Meghan style moment.  I enjoy watching the young royals and their style.  Because Princess Meghan is American it really makes it fun to follow her.  Recently she donned a coat from JCrew.  The bad news is the coat is sold out, but I’m sure they will restock soon.  The great news is that the coat is only $300!

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Hairy Subject

Hairy Subject

Some of you may know that I am active with the Lexington Humane Society.  I was on the board for 8 years and truly believe in their mission.  I wanted to share a story with you.

I love my Chihuahuas.  I had Lucy and then I rescued Lilly.  Both of the girls are adorable but I always wanted a little, long-haired, white Chihuahua.

So I signed up for the First Contact Service from LHS.  You list a certain breed a dog and when they get one in they will call you and you get first dibs before the animal is placed on the floor for adoption.   What are the odds that they ever get in my dream dog?

2 days later they called me.  They had dogs that had been in a hoarding situation from New Albany, Indiana.  There were many more but all the rescue organizations had divided them up.  There were Chinese Crested, Chihuahuas and Yorkies.  I was in shock.  I really wasn’t ready to have another dog (I thought it would take years!).  I didn’t even return the first call.

I gave in and Gina, Brent and I went to see the dogs.  They were such a pitiful bunch.  20 dogs running around skinny and just about hairless.  One dog grabbed onto my leg as if to say, “Please take me!”.  So, I went home and cried all night.  I knew I had to get the dog.

So I brought Lola home.  She’s the sassiest dog I’ve ever seen.  I guess to live in an environment with 40 other dogs you have to be pretty self-sufficient.  The only problem was that she didn’t have any hair.  A hairless Chihuahua was not really what I had in mind.  She didn’t have one hair on her hind end!

I spoke to LHS and they could not assure me she would ever grow any hair, so I started doing research.  Every recommendation I saw said Omega 3’s were the best for hair growth.  Long story short, check out the difference it’s made in Lola.  I highly recommend a few squirts on your pet’s food each day.



Recently I went on a girls trip to Ft. Lauderdale.  The purpose was primarily for a little retail therapy but also to get a little sunshine.  Snow and cold temps are ok around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but after the holidays I’m ready for some sunshine.  Being stuck inside is a bummer.

So four of us decided to take a little break and fly down to Ft. Lauderdale.  We got a super cheap airline ticket and headed down south for a couple of days.  We also fit in a little fine dining and fun, but I’ll share that later in a separate post.

Have you ever visited the Outlet at Sawgrass Mills?  I had been there but it was several years ago.  Wow has it grown!  It’s like a whole city of nothing but high-end shops and restaurants!  Trust me I know how big it is because I walked the entire mall to get to a particular store.  There’s outside, inside, back and front shopping.  Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Off Fifth, Bloomingdales Outlet, Century 21, Gucci, Valentine, Prada Hermes, Montcler, I could go on and on and on.  Here’s a link if you’re not familiar

You may know that Neiman Marcus Last Call is my favorite store.  It’s like a treasure hunt every time I visit.  Sparkles from across the room caught my eye.  If I was a fish I would probably be caught about every day!  I walked over and saw the most beautiful dress.  It was absolutely something to behold perfect for the Oscar ceremony this weekend!  Have you ever seen an $19,000 dress?  It was over the top and awesome!  The dress was 65% off the lowest price which made it certainly more reasonable.  Unfortunately, it was a size 4, which was absolutely a no-go for me! Check it out.

The photo doesn’t do the dress justice.  It was fabulous. Even though I wasn’t able to squeeze into the above dress I was able to find some great things.  You might see one at Derby this year!

Happy Shopping! xoxox

Face Magic

Face Magic

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews lately of jade rollers that you use on your face.  Jade rollers have a long history and have been used in China since the 17th century.  They are supposed to be really amazing and help to reduce fine lines, de-puff your skin and increase collagen.  Sounds good to me!  Also, the rollers push your product deeper into your pores, therefore getting more benefit from your product.  They are so inexpensive, I’m giving it a try.


To receive the best benefit from the roller be sure to place it in the freezer for at least 2 hours prior to using.  Do the following steps:

  • Cleanse your face
  • exfoliate
  • apply serum or moisturizer
  • start rolling for around 2 minutes
  • wipe your face to remove product
  • apply fresh product

Here’s to looking younger!  xoxox




I See You

I See You

Have you ever been to a Warby Parker store?  Well there’s one near my house and I ventured over to check it out.  They really have a great selection of glasses.  Serious, fun and a little wild!  The prices are really good as well.

Warby Parker just did a collaboration with Justin Timberlake.  Coming off of his awesome Super Bowl show and his upcoming tour (he’s coming to Lexington!) Timberlake is a hot commodity.  And the good news is that none of the glasses have that cammo look that he wore during the Super Bowl! Ha!

The collection is really nice,  and you can even take home several pairs and try them in private at your convenience.  Don’t you just hate standing in the store and trying on glasses? I always feel so silly.

Warby Parker will make a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for every sale made. Shopping with a purpose makes purchasing even better!

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JT x Warby Parker Collection


Happy shopping! xoxo